Raised On Radio is a blog about the power of music – music from the past, music from the present and possibly even music of the future… if I ever get round to perfecting that time machine.

Each blog post will focus on one particular piece of music from the lifetime of The Listener – starting from October 1968 when I screamed my way into the world, through til the very day that I scream my last (oh yes, I have plans for that day) – it will seek to explain the significance of the song to me whether that importance is on a personal level or on a social, spiritual, political or cultural level. It will not matter what era the song comes from or the genre that the song comes from, it only matters whether it holds any meaning for me on any level. This blog will allow you access to my head and also to my heart, maybe even at the same time.

The song is the thing – to kinda paraphrase Hamlet (who never released much musical content of any worth to be honest, so why I’ve mentioned him is a bit stupid).

Excuse me, I went off on a bit of a tangent.

Get used to it – it’ll happen a lot.