It has been a day of investigating, experimenting and just general fiddling (and I love a general fiddle – not to be confused with the infamous General Fiddle whom I certainly don’t love. I’m glad that I got that cleared up).

This will be the one and only non-music orientated post but I felt the need to get the ball rolling (and don’t we all love a good ball rolling session? err, actually somebody should take these brackets away from me before I write something that’ll get me arrested) and just get on with writing something – hence this stream of consciousness that might have gone down well in the late 60s.

So onto the point… I was born in October 1968. Until I decide otherwise (which might be in the morning), I intend to cover songs that were released in my lifetime. I have a lofty and unachievable aspiration to cover one million individual songs in the lifetime of this blog – yeah, we all know this isn’t going to happen but just go with the general flow and who knows what joys might spring forth.

Now let me get on with finding a suitably arty photo of a record and everybody should be happy.

Cheers… The Listener.


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