Reflections Upon Radio – Raving About Records / Crazy About Cassettes


Human beings are weird and wonderful creatures! We understand the world through everything that we perceive through our five sense: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Somehow, we create neural pathways back to the records of these experiences in our brains and the resulting bio-chemical reaction is the creation of memory.

Welcome to my memories.

So far so nostalgia fest, but I want this to be something more.  A record of the changing spiritual, moral, social and cultural landscape of our degenerating and regenerating nation.  A psychological exploration of the impact of sound on perception and reception.  An examination of political and sociological ideology as displayed through actions of protest or apathy.  A deconstruction of the carefully constructed mythology of self through the honest appraisal of memory.  A carefully constructed map of ego and bullshit.

This is time travel back to an age where television was secondary to radio, where the power of the visual was held in check by the power of the audio.  This is a landscape where all the music you get ever want to hear could be simply stored on a massive collection of round pieces of vinyl, with the storage requirements of only a small building.  Ah, simpler times.  Yes, this is a landscape untainted by the so called democratisation of social media that has decimated our shared experience and ideas of community via click bait bollocks and lowest common denominator lies.  Excuse me, can somebody find me a ladder as my horse is simply too high here.

So here is the music of life… my life and the memories conjured by these wonderful, magical, perfectly imperfect slices of sound.